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Cornering your spaces

We all know the drill. You have just bought your new home, the furniture’s sort of settling in because you haven’t found pieces you LOVE just yet. The wall colour seems slightly more pink than last time, but gets better everytime you look at it. The kids rooms look great with the new curtains and the kitchen’s makeover is exactly what you asked for, even though it was way over budget. But there’s something that’s still missing. Sometimes you think you’re going to clutter an area if you add any more to it, and there are other corners that look extremely empty but you have no clue what to add. (At least, not something within what’s left of your budget.)
Look no further! Here are five ways in which you can maximize that corner space without getting too many eye-rolls from un-cooperative family members. (Hint: It’s not the dog.)

  1. L- Shape Sofa

Apartments sometimes come with an awkward space between the living room and the kitchen – space that’s definitely not the dining room.  A great way to fix that is to have a smaller L-shaped sofa. The nearer the kitchen, the better, as it can serve as an informal breakfast or homework area that’s not going to mess up the formal dining or living!


2. Big Planter

If your pesky corner is somewhere near a window or balcony, a large planter, or even a couple of smaller planters hanging from the ceiling is a great way to bring some life and cheer into your interiors. If you do go with a single large planter, a neutral colour like white or grey is much easier to blend with your existing décor than a bright one that smaller planters tend to come in.


3. Bookshelf

Bookshelves come in all shapes and sizes these days, and I’m sure you’d be able to find one that suits your corner! You can also create a bookshelf that fits over a triangular desk to accommodate a snuggly fit work surface, for all those who prefer the work-from-home lifestyle.


4. Tiny Closet

Corners in bedrooms can be fixed easily by adding a curtain rod across to hang those dirty gym clothes or those bigger jackets that take up too much room in your closet (because you just have too many shoes).  If you feel like that could take away from the aesthetic of the calm and clean bedroom that we all strive for, why not add a free-standing full length mirror instead? Surround it with a stretch of string lights and you’ll have a Hollywood-esque glamorous dressing room!


5. Hanging Rattan Chair

Rattan chairs evoke easy outdoorsy chill vibes. Bring that ambience indoors by installing one of those large chairs and throwing in a couple of comfy cushions!  Perfect for kids and adults alike, a piece like this will be a family and visitor favorite for many years!


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