5 must do’s before you paint your house!

No doubt that painting gives your home a facelift and regular painting ensures that your house is protected from inclement weather, structural damage and UV light.  When you see the signs of fading, peeling and cracking on your walls, it’s high time you think of painting.

Apart from this, you may also think of painting for aesthetic change, to give a brand new identity and even for social reasons like wedding etc. However, painting at times could be a risky game, fraught with too many colors & textures to choose from, confusing neutrals and a keen eye for lighting and seating arrangements.

Before you rush out with visions of your dreamy room in your head, take a step back and really plan well before you touch the brush. Ask these questions in advance so that you can go red & pink when you are done…


How do I want my home to feel like?

Your home reflects YOU. So when walk inside, do you want to have a serene cool environment or vibrant colorful one? Do you want to keep it classic, old fashioned or contemporary, edgy and modern?

First ask yourself and then decide the colors. Shades of blue, pastel greens, neutral shades or monochromatic cool color schemes will help you to build a home reflecting serenity, coolness and simplicity. If you want to keep your rooms as vibrant and colorful, go for bright warmer colors like and complimenting shades like yellow and brown. Similarly you can try new colors and shades if you want to follow modern trends or keep the tried and tested colors to remain classic and old fashioned.

How to bring the perfect synergy between my existing décor and the new color?

This is very important -to bring the perfect synergy/harmony between your existing décor/furniture and the new color of paint.  Having invested a sizeable amount of money and time to get your home décor done, you cannot alter it just because you want to add a new color to your wall. Hence try to bring the perfect harmony of hues with the existing décor and elements. For example, if your furniture has a hue of nice dark brown, you need to pick the color that compliments it.  Painting the room with same color may not bring that perfect look you yearn for! Consider a pale yellow to balance it out.

How much does natural lighting affect the room?

Remember, lighting is very important factor to consider before painting your room. If the room is well ventilated and gets lot of sunlight in the morning, you can consider a deep saturated color depending upon the usage of the room. If a nearby building is blocking the natural sunlight and you have a living room adjacent to the compound, all you have to do is choose bright light colors to make the room brighter. So ask yourself does the room get enough light? Does it get both in the morning and evening? If not, when and how long? Does the neighboring block affect your natural lighting?  Find answers and then choose the color as all these factors will change the look of the color on the wall.

How will the Room Be Used?

Obviously you cannot paint your bathroom green and get a makeup done there. Neither can you keep your work desk corner completely painted in black and have a mood to work! So it is equally important to consider the room’s usage and coordinate appropriate colors that help the purpose.

How do I want the wall finish to be?

Today in the market, there are fabulous choices not only for your wall colors but also for the paint finishes.  Matt, flat, satin, eggshell oil-glossy touch and the list of it are getting extended. Check it out, consider what works for you and then go for the right color and the finish. Trust us, choosing the right finish can completely transform the look of your walls, so make sure you choose the right sheen for the right color and make the most of your space.

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